Stephen M. Greenberg

Stephen M. Greenberg brings to the resolution of commercial disputes a unique combination of legal and business expertise as a former federal prosecutor, a trial lawyer involved in complex commercial and securities litigation and as the Chief Executive Officer of a public company.

As a member of Pilgrim Mediation Group, LLC, Mr. Greenberg has successfully mediated a wide variety of complex disputes, both in the United States and abroad and he has developed expertise in resolving international disputes, including securities claims brought in European countries. Among the high profile cases in which he has been involved as a mediator was the successful resolution of the extremely complex international securities litigation entitled SA/NV Ageas. In March of 2016, Mr. Greenberg successfully mediated this case after 8 years of litigation in Belgium and the Netherlands following bailouts by both countries. The announcement of the resolution is found on the following link:

More recently, an article in the London Times referred to “negotiator Stephen Greenberg, [as] a specialist in commercial dispute resolution”.

For almost 50 years, Mr. Greenberg has been involved in major commercial litigation. Mr. Greenberg was the Executive Assistant to the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey from 1969 through 1971. In that capacity, he managed, tried and settled scores of cases in the federal judicial system.

In private practice, he was a founding member and senior partner of the firm of Robinson, Wayne & Greenberg.

During his legal career, Mr. Greenberg has been lead counsel in hundreds of major litigations in state courts, federal courts and arbitration proceedings. Many of those matters were resolved through the mediation process.

In 2000, Mr. Greenberg became the CEO and Chairman of Net2Phone Inc.
 (NTOP, NASDAQ), and continued in that position until 2006 when the company was taken private.

Mr. Greenberg has been appointed as a fee examiner and Special Master by the federal judiciary in matters and has also served as an arbitrator in proceeding between both foreign and domestic business entities.